Sunday, May 31, 2009

Microsoft signs pact with Anna University

Microsoft Corporation India has entered into a strategic alliance with Anna University to enable students and faculty of engineering colleges to access the MS basket of applications and to share various facilities ,labs with Anna university.

"This is the first time Microsoft is entering into a pact with an university,first in the history of Indian education, wherein we are involved in a significant end-to-end investment in education," Ravi Venkatesan, chairman, Microsoft Corporation India, said on Wednesday. Vice-Chancellor D. Viswanathan represented the university.

The pact allows students and faculty of all 235 engineering colleges to access MS developer tools free of cost, for academic and research purposes.This will help the students of private colleges to access the facilities which are other wise not accessable.

"We will assist Anna University in setting up MS technology labs at select institutions and conduct faculty development programmes on our technologies and related curriculum. There is a mismatch between the numbers of students graduating from engineering institutions and the standards needed to make them employable. If a student wants a job with a IT company, experience in MS package would be an advantage," Mr. Venkatesan said. Based on the feedback received Microsoft would consider signing up with more institutions.

Under its `Unlock Innovation' concept, students were being trained to take their ideas from laboratories to the market place by matching venture capitalists with faculty and students, Mr. Venkatesan added.

Microsoft had already set up a centre of excellence at the university's Guindy campus and would give students a chance to showcase their work skills to the world, he added. The agreement is valid for two years and is open to renewal.